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"Anna has crafted a valuable and safe space in our weekly meetings to allow honest and frank sharing of our challenges, successes and dreams. Her grounded and caring approach has allowed me to explore new areas of personal growth and challenge me on negative behaviour and thinking. Anna’s support helps me live the life I aspire to, to be kind and loving to myself as well as the people in my life and to be the best person I can be to both myself and the world I live in." - 2017

"Anna has an intuitive ability to ask the right question with perfect timing in such a way as to get the best outcome for you as a patient. I have worked with her individually and in a group and her mindfulness, serenity, insight and sense of humour are an inspiration and a large part of my recovery." - 2017

"Working with Anna provided me the opportunity to work on myself in such a way as to become the best version of myself. The change that I have seen through being coached by Anna is invaluable. The process allowed me to finally break through, to shift and grow, and provided me the space to turn my visions in to reality." - 2016

"I worked with Anna at an inpatient treatment centre in South Africa. I had always lived in my head, been in the clouds and I was never present. Anna taught me about mindfulness, being in the moment, and being present, something I had never been able to do before. Through practising mindfulness and meditation with Anna, I transformed as I became alive and more connected to myself and others. I felt more grounded, settled and calm. The noise in my head was quieter and I felt more peaceful, positive, happy and serene. With Anna I learnt about being aware of my feelings, identifying my feelings, and how to express them. In the past I had used substances, people, places and things to change my feelings, never just being with them and myself, constantly running away from myself and from feeling anything. Anna helped me to share my feelings with others and tell them how I felt and to express myself. I was taught how to stand up for myself and not give my power or energy away to others. I learnt to be assertive, have self-esteem and to be true to myself. I felt freedom and maturity. In working with Anna I learnt that I had lived my life with a lack of self worth and self respect. I learnt over time to love and respect myself. Anna’s calm, supportive, nurturing, peaceful, kind, inspiring nature was so helpful in my recovery and bringing me from being a ghost to an alive spirit, grateful to be alive after years of being dead. I couldn’t recommend Anna enough." - 2015

"Since I started working with Anna as my life coach, and through the mindfulness techniques she taught me, I have gone from being in a continuously over-anxious, worried state of mind to a calmer, more peaceful one, more in-touch with myself, my surroundings and existence. The mindfulness included focusing on the now by using my senses, what do I see, feel, smell, and touch, and drawing the mind to a more positive environment. This helps a lot when you are constantly over analysing your past or worrying about the future. It reminds you that you have no control over those things but can only control the now and how you respond and manage yourself. Breathing and the focus on breath is another technique that assists with bringing myself back to myself, and going back to our basic nature puts everything back into perspective. I’ve seen that these techniques need to be practised over and over again in order to retrain the mind from old habits but will truly help if used over a period of time. I have learned to be gentle and patient with myself, and through the power of mindfulness, become more fully myself." - 2014

"Anna Donald and myself started working together in January 2014. In a short space of time I've already noticed a number of ways in which my perceptions have shifted. This has also been confirmed by those close to me, as well as acquaintances. She has been fantastic in supporting and opening my mind to the possibility of change, something I used to perceive as just a fairy tale. The journey into mindfulness, and simple breathing exercises to start with, has aided my ability to focus and is teaching me a greater appreciation of both 'insignificant' and significant experiences in life. The relationship with Anna, and general mindfulness practice, is also helping me to be more open in terms of how I respond to situations, instead of simply responding in habitual fashion." - 2014

Anna Donald

Anna is passionate about the cultivation of mindfulness and integrating that in to a way of being in the world. She is a committed meditator, regularly attends retreats, and believes in the full-hearted liberation that can be achieved through learning to work skillfully with our minds, through remembering we always have a choice, through reconnecting to our innate capacity for kindness, and through learning to open to the present moment, in its fullness, with deep acceptance.

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